Boost the Nutritional Value of Your Meals

With the "1st Micro Greenery Fresh Healthy Snack"   Organic seeds grown in organic plant fiber and purified water, we are the freshest micro greens available today.

  Right now we have our highest nutritional value. And our roots contain as much nutrition as the top of the plant.

  We do not need refrigeration to stay fresh because we are living plants. We only need water to continue to grow.

  When you get us home roll the plastic sleeve over the edge of the cup.

How to harvest your micro greens:

  Grab an individual plant by it’s stem and gently pull it from the cup, roots and all. If a seed hull comes along for the ride, you can enjoy it too.

  If you prefer a more manicured look, simply hold the stem and cut it at the root line.

  Micro greens are harvested when the first set of leaves appear on seedlings of plants and herbs. At this stage, the plant is at its highest nutritional value. It contains all the flavor and nutrition that will be pushed into the adult plant. Imagine all of the flavor of the adult plant concentrated in this tiny giant!

Redefining "Farm To Table"
Simply Add them to Any Meal and
Boost the Nutritional Value.

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