Radical Radish Micro Greens Superfood Snacks and Seasonings

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Spice up your life with a cup of Radish micro greens. We are living plants that you pull from the cup, roots and all, ready to enjoy. Right now we have the highest nutritional value. If you prefer a more manicured look, simply wack us at the knees when you are ready to plate. Put us on the counter and watch us grow. Or put us into the refrigerator to slow our growth down. The cup is a complete delivery system that provides you with everything we need to live. We only need water to continue to grow. Thank you

1st Micro Greenery is MAEAP verified by the Michigan State Department of Agriculture. Organic seeds hydroponically grown in organic plant fiber, and purified water, in a climate controlled environment. We use what the seed contains, no nutrients or pesticides. Our plants are as pure and fresh as it gets..

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